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Papers of Recognition

Eight years into the education career, then finally it’s time to collect half of a dozen of recognition papers. Papers which states your achievements, accomplishments, and the measure of your intellect.

Then there’s the lingering feeling, is this it? For some, it’s an obstacle for their lifelong career. Others, it’s a back up for all the worst case scenarios. Yet, for me, it’s an adventure in the world of literature, arts, and learning. Obtaining knowledge after knowledge. I’m a philomath; a lover of learning. I don’t think I can stop learning-there’s numerous of information to obtain. Just not enough time.

In the next year, eventually I’ll collect another six paper. Papers, which society praise and value as important. Am I successful? Yes. Why do I believe such? It’s because I love what I do; learning is my passion. The value of a piece of paper doesn’t value what you know, only you can present what you know. Yet, we need these papers to advance in life.

Don’t let life rule you, but you rule the way your life is wired for you. -LRL

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